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N.A.S.A. Technical Reports and Presentations  


This database contains the  files that have accumulated during the research of the origins of both the Modern Hang Glider, and the Flexible Wing.
This material is provided to assist researchers, innovators and historians. I am aware that there are patents for devices not related to flying, or kiting. However they are all relevant in some way.

The Patents Index.

This collection was compiled over a period of four years, the patents were gathered using a wide variety of sources, they can all be found at: . FreePatentsOnline and Google Patent Searching will get you most patents. Some of the early patents in many countries are yet to be digitalized, I owe a special thanks to Tiberio Roda for sending me two Italian patents that I felt I would never get to see.
kitepatents.blogspot. a great source of information and leads.
Firstkites  is a great site for viewing photos of rare kites. is another great site to study kite design and history.
The Index shows:
Column one. The Patent Number, Note-all patents without a country prefix are US patents.
Column Two. The Inventor/s name/s.
Column Three. The date of the filing of the Application.
Column Four. The date of approval.
Column Five. The patent title.
Column Six. Numbers for identification.

NASA Reports.

This list began when I wanted to review the material referenced by Rogallo in his final presentation, the 1972 document; Flexible Wings for Transportation. While much of the material is heavy duty basic data, the summaries and pictures are an insight into the way NASA spent $27,000,000 in the 1960s.

Rogallo Patent and Patents Referenced.

This is a guide to Rogallo's patents. It is put here to make it easier to see what information was  available to Rogallo, and when.
Column One. Rogallo Patents
Column Two. Patents Referenced in Rogallo's patents.
Column Three. Patents Referenced by patents Referenced in Rogallo's patents.

These are all in a PDF format and quite large

Might take a couple minutes to open





Rogallo Patents and Patents Referenced

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