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Magazines Articles  

Since some of the following articles were first published, attitudes and information has changed. Its quite clear that had this information been readily available at the time certain parts might have read differently

Skysurfer 1973 ......From Ken de Russy (USA)
Sky Sports 1989 ...Article about Mike Burns & Skiplane
Skysailor Magazine June 1993 Mark Woodhams
New South Wales Water Ski About John Dickenson
New South Wales Water Ski This attracted Bill Moyes & Bill Bennett
AHGF Magazine. The Concise History by G. Henderson
Skywings 2010. Did we really fly Rogallo Wings? Mark Woodhams


Australian / New South Wales Water Skier Magazines

Articles of interest have been taken from the very early Water Skier magazines and although they are about water skiing and ski kiting, all helped contribute to the birth of the modern Hang Glider here in Australia. Many people were involved over the years and their names should be remembered and connected with the parts they all played. This is a way of keeping their names live.

NSW W/S Jan 65   NSW W/S March 65   NSW W/S April 65   NSW W/S July 65   Australian W/S Dec 65   Australian W/S Jan 66
NSW W/S Feb 66   W/S NSW March 66   NSW W/S April 66   Australian W/S May 66   NSW W/S June 66   Australian W/S Oct 66
NSW W/S Nov 66   NSW W/S Dec 66   Australian W/S Jan 67   NSW W/S Feb 67   Australian W/S April 67   NSW W/S May 67
NSW W/S June 67   Austrailan W/S July 67   Austrailan W/S Oct 67   NSW W/S Nov 67   NSW W/S Dec 67   Australian W/S Jan 68
W/S Feb 68   W/S March 68   Australian W/S Mar 68   W/S May 68   W/S June 68   W/S Aug 68
W/S Oct 68   W/S Nov 68   W/S Vol 1 No2 Mar 71   A W/S Vol1 No1 Dec 71   A W/S Vol 1 No2 jan 72   A W/s Vol No3 Feb 72
A W/S Vol1No4 Mar 72   A W/S Vol No5June 72   A W/S Vol No6 July 72   A W/S Vol1 No7Sep 72   A W/S Vol1 No8 Nov72   A W/S Vol9 No8 Dec72
A W/S vol1 No? Feb 73   A W/S vol2 No2 April 73   A W/S Vol2No3 Jun73   A W/S Vol2No4 July73   A W/S Vol2No5 Sep73   A W/S Vol2No6 Dec73
A W/S Vol6No5 Mar79   A W/S Vol6No6 Mar79                

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