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Arnold Cohen  

1973 to 1981

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Arnold first flight off Stanwell late 1973

Arnold about to take off the Eastern face of Bald Hill in an SK-1 with Midgit Farrely watching on Late 1974

Arnold about to launch from Bunyan Headland with Ken Greives 1975
Arnold ready for a flight at Bald Hill in a Super 2 during 1976
Classic Steve Powter 1974   Glenn Woodward at Bunyan Head with his SL-195 in early 1975   Steve Robards & Arnold in the Skyhook-I at Stanwell in 1976   Steve Robards & Arnold with the Skyhook HG built for two and designed by Steve Cohen. Terry Delore from NZ won the world meet in Austria flying one.
Ray Dunkerly Flying an SC-200 designed by Ultra Light Flight Systems at Stanwell 1974   Arnold at Stanwell flying an SL-195 early 1975   Rod Stevens at Byron Bay1976   Steve Cohen and John Coby at Bald Hill 1973
Steve Powter competing at the first NSW Hang Gliding Competition at Byron Bay 1976   Arnold taking off the eastern face of Bald Hills flying an SL-195 bucket seat style with assistance from Mark Townsend   Arnold taking off from Boat Harbour in 1973   Tom Brown and Dave Hodge
George Misfud, Ray Dunkerely and Danny Scott at Byron Bay 1976   Glenn Woodward at Byron Bay setting up his Icarus in 1976   Glenn Woodward & Wendy Talbot at Long Reef Summer 1974/75   Mark Townsend, Bruce White & Ken Grieves Long Reef summer 1974/75
Arnold flying a SC-180 at Stanwell Tops during the winter of 1974
Arnold Gliding off Boat Harbour Hill 1974
Tom Brown, Arnold, Mark Townsend, Doug Sole, Steve Cohen, Ray Ryan at Ball Hill during the winter of 1974
Arnold top landing in an SL-195 with Tom Brown in the foreground early 1975
Mark Townsend and Virginia Hey at Byron Bay 1976   Midgit Farrely at Tallows byron Bay 1976   Doug Sole at Byron Bay 1976   Arnold and Rod Parker over Stanwell Beach in a Skyhook-II during 1982
Arnold at take off on Mt Buffalo in Victorian Alps in the Skyhook-11 in 1977   Dicky Pavott & Arnold at the top of Mt Crackenback for competition during autumn 1976   Arnold (Crackenback Mountain) Competition cancelled. Wind conditions to unpredictable. Skyhook-I 1976   Rod Stevens, Virginia Hey and John Ogden Byron Bay 1976
Steve Cohen at La Perouse 1974   Mark Townsend in the proto-type SK-1 and Glenn Woodward in an SL-195 at Bald Hill 1975   Steve Cohen in the proto-type SK-1 at Stanwell. At that time a revolution in Hang Gliding design. 1975   Kurnell Sandhills 1973. The start of the Hang Gliding Boom.
Steve Cohen in a SC-200 Bald Hill 1973   Steve Hague one of the pioneers of Hang Gliding in Australia   Steve Cohen with Tunnis Been and his children in Japan. Tunnis was Ultra Lights agent in Japan from 1973 to 1979   Steve Powter at Ultra Light Flight Systems factory at Taren Point in 1979
Tom Brown at Stanwell in a SL-195 in 1975   Tom Brown at Hill 60 (Port Kembla) with Arnold and Roy Dunkerly 1975   Steve Cohen test flying the 'Wanderer' a proto-type in 1974. It did not go into production   Steve Cohen test flying Arnolds school project with Ray Dunkerly 1974
ULFS Promotional Flyer 1976            
Dave Hodge & Arnold at Stanwell flying SL-195's during the summer 1974/75   Ray Dunkerely flying an SC-200 at 'The Farm' near Kiama in the winter of 1974   Steve Cohen landing at Bald Hill with Steve Hague1973   Arnold flying an SL-195 at Long Reef during the summer of 1975
1981 Australia Day Birdman Rally at Glenelg S.A. won 1st prize of $10,000. A great day.   Ray Dunkerely & Arnold flying the Skyhook-I at stanwell summer of 1976   Arnold (15 years old) flying an SL-195 at Stanwell 1975   Glenn Woodward and Steve Cohen at Long Reef 1973
Ray Dunkerly & Arnold at Stanwell in the Skyhook
Steve Powter promoting the 1977 'Blue Stratos' contest at Thredbo   Glenn Woodward sponsored by Levi at Stanwell 1975   Levi Jeans   Add for the ULFS SK-1. The first of the high performance gliders beginning in 1975
ULFS Brochure Promoting Terry Delore from NZ winner ot the world Hang Gliding competition in Austria in 1976 in the Skyhook   ULFS Hang Gliding order form from 1974       An article about Steve Cohen just after the movie 'Birdman' was released in 1974


Alan Wickes & Arnold the day they arrived at Cape York after flying for 3 weeks along the Queensland Coast in the Thruster Aircraft during November 1983
Arnold at St Mary's in the Avenger designed by Steve Cohen 1982
Arnold in the Skytrike designed by Steve Cohen 1980
Arnold in the Eagle in 1982 on the Port Hacking
Arnold, Steve Robards and Ross J. at St Mary's Strip 1982
Arnold flying his Eagle Ultralight on floats on the Port Hacking river during the winter of 1982
Arnold's Avenger Aircraft by Ultra Light Aviation. The best 3 axis aircraft I ever flew Circa 1982
Aden & Arnold flying over Cape York in Thruster aircraft during November 1983
            Corella proto-type

Photos from Arnold Cohen

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