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Mount Crackenback  

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Kosciuszko National Park with 690,000 hectares is an area of outstanding beauty with glacial lakes, limestone caves, grasslands and woodlands. In winter it hosts some of Australia's best skiing conditions, in spring and summer, the mountains are ablaze with wildflowers and criss-crossed by walking tracks, many above the tree line providing spectacular views over the roof top of Australia. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest point in Australia at 2228 metres. Count Paul Strzelecki, who climbed it from the western side on the 15th February 1840, named it after a Polish general who fought for the colonists in the War of Independence and led an unsuccessful revolt against the partitioning of Poland in 1794. The old Kosciuszko Road beyond Charlotte Pass is closed to all vehicular traffic, but when weather conditions permit you can use it to get to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko on foot, a distance of about 9 kilometres. A shorter and easier walk of about 6 kilometres leaves from the top of the Crackenback Chairlift at Thredbo Village. It's a surprisingly easy stroll over gentle slopes along a raised metal walking track and is absolutely marvellous. If a walk of 12 kilometres return is a little daunting, a walk to the Kosciuszko Lookout, a trip of about 4 kilometres return, affords excellent views of the mountain and the top of the range.

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Bill Moyes


    In the Winter of 1967 Bill Moyes (Australia) became the first person to ski (foot launch with no tow) off a snowy Mount Crackenback in the Australian Alps, and flew his kite down to the ski resort of Thredbo. He was flying a Dickenson Wing Mk5 purchased from Aerostructures of Australia. The first company in the world to set up and run a company to build Modern Flex Wing Hang Gliders.

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