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Volmer Jenson VJ23  


Volmer Jensen   David Cook

David Cook took Volmer Jensen’s VJ23 idea to bigger and better  things during the so called early years in the UK (1972 – 1976). At all the competitions he attended he usually won the Class three events (Class three being rigid wings). He was one of the first to experiment with an engine, when he added a small 101 McCullough and a propeller he designed and carved himself above the wing. In the UK David became  a leader in the use of powered hang gliders, and his success lead to him to become the first person to fly a powered Hang Glider across the English Channel. A feat he performed using only a quarter of the power that Louis Bleriot had used when he became the first ever to fly the Channel way back in 1919. David’s VJ23 measured 17ft long and 32 ft wide, and was made of spruce timber and tubing while being covered with fabric.  The whole event was sponsored by Duckhams Oil company.

Further details about David and of how he went on to design and build the very successfully ‘Shadow’ Microlight/Ulralight can be seen at and for more information on Volmer Jensen please Click Here

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Photos Courtesy of David Cook via Terry Aspinall

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