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Bill Moyes  

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Molly and Bill Moyes



Bill Moyes flying a Hang Glider with Angela Revelle hanging from the trapeze

From John Revelle and taken from the 'Pix People' magazine date unknown


The British Championsips held at Mere 1976

Bill helping his son Steve to take off. Bill attached strings to the trailing edge forward to the A Frame. When asked why he replied that he could control the Glider like a Class three glider. This enable him to entered the glider in Class three that was usually only for Three axis controlled Gliders. The British learn a valuable lesson from this and later changed the rules for Class three gliders. This was also the first time a Keel Pocket (designed by Steve Cohen) had been seen in the UK, and was copied by most British manufactures as soon as the Championships had been completed.

Photo from Terry Aspinall


The British Championsips held at Mere 1977

        The Keel Pocket first time seen in the UK
        Bill about to take off

Photos from Don Liddard

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