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Bill Flewellyn  

This page commemorates the achievements of Bill Flewellyn, a champion water skier; daredevil and skilled Hang Glider pilot. 

Bill's interest in hang gliding stemmed from his involvement in water skiing.  He made world headlines by setting a new world endurance record of 15 hours for a hang gliding flight at Barmera on 9th January 1972, whilst being towed by a ski boat around Lake Bonney.

Better known as the Barmera ‘Birdman’, Bill was acknowledged as one of the world’s most daring and skilled hang glider pilots. Much publicity was gained for Barmera as a result of his achievements and this was recognised by the Barmera District Council with a portion of Lake Bonney being named as ‘Flewellyn Beach’ and set aside for hang gliding activities.

Bill was one of Australia’s Pioneer Kitemen

Here is a memorial to Bill

Some of Bills achievements:
1 World Hang Gliding Endurance record holder of 15 hours 3min 50 sec set at Lake Bonney, Barmera in 1972
2 Australian altitude record for Altitude gliding 24,100ft, set at Barmera 1977
3 Represented Australia at the World Hang gliding championships 1973
4 1974 Australian Hang Gliding Trick Flying Champion
5 First Hanglider to fly over Japans highest peak , Mt Fuji in 1977
6 Runner up Australian Hang Gliding Championships 1972 & 1973




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