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7th September 2013

50th Anniversary


An enactment of the first fight of the modern day hang glider the

'Dickenson Wing'

Designed by John Dickenson

Flown by Rod Fuller from Grafton N.S.W.

While the boat was piloted by Pat Crowe.

This flyer was Anton King from the Gold Coast.

Anton's Father (Anton 'Tony' King) had been a top flyer during the late1960's

His early Dickenson wing was used during this re-enactment

Paul Ransom was the pilot of the boat.

R.I.P. Rod

You earned your place in history

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A memorial erected by the Grafton council to commemorate the first flight on 7th September 1963

        A very foggy morning       This is where the club house used to stand
Setting up   The Flat Kite       Pat keeping the sun out of his eyes   Dickenson Wing
The Flat Kite Anton King & Eddie Cole Anton performing some of his tricks Getting ready to tow the Flat Kite This is what and how they used to tow
Jack Ransom watching on                
        Getting ready to fly the Dickenson Wing   This is what John designed   And the world went on to copy this design
    Pat watching with interest   Pat even had imput in where they should tow        
        Rods wife Ann and daughter Leslie. Graeme & Anton King       Jack Ransom giving us a wave
Graeme Henderson Still rubbish in the trees from the floods earlier in the year     Eddie Cole Graeme Henderson

Photos from Terry Aspinall


Photos by Nigel Secomb

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